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Romantik Chalet with Whirlpool and Fireplace

An unparalleled panorama

Inspired by the mountains, surrounded by nature

Each of the Mons Silva chalets is located in a unique panoramic position. A spectacular view of the mountains lies before you no matter where you stand. It’s a far-reaching view that is second to none. Discover new forest glades, new views, new peaks, and new valleys time and again...
Chalet South Tyrol

The interplay of sunlight

At the sunniest spot in the whole valley, the sunrise and sunset are a daily spectacle. Your large private terrace is the optimal place to enjoy sunbathing or a glass of wine at sunset.
Mons Silva Chalet

Wake up with a mountain view

Whether you’re a late riser or an early riser, any day that starts with a mountain view like this is a good day. Why not leave the curtains open and let the sunrise be your alarm clock?
Chalet in the woods South Tyrol

Forest dwellers up close

With a bit of luck, and if you are really quiet, you can catch a glimpse of deer grazing, squirrels building their nests, and many other forest dwellers.
Chalet with whirlpool

Relaxation at its best

Sit in the hot tub, sweat in the panorama sauna, and enjoy the view to the fullest. In winter, the valley and slopes glisten in white; in spring and summer, they blossom in endless shades of green, and in autumn, they become a painted sea of colour. Whether at a lavish mountain breakfast or an indulgent dinner on the terrace, whether sunbathing or enjoying a good glass of wine at sunset – there are spectacular views that will remain with you forever.
Chalet South Tyrol
Chalet with breakfast
Romantik Chalet with Whirlpool
Romantik Chalet for two
Romantik Chalet with Whirlpool