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Chalet South Tyrol
Snow Chalet Mons Silva

Refined mountain chalet in South Tyrol

Sustainable luxury at its best

In the sophisticated Mons Silva mountain chalets in South Tyrol, you will encounter natural materials and thoughtfully selected design elements. Reclaimed wood, natural stone, fine linen and loden fabrics create a relaxed Alpine holiday ambience that is extra special. Genuine South Tyrolean lifestyle meets modern living comfort. Campfire romanticism meets a longing for the mountains. Alpine luxury meets a location in love with nature and forms a perfect combination for endless bliss on holiday. It’s all here, together in one place: at the Mons Silva mountain chalets in South Tyrol.
Mansard Jagdchalet

Each chalet is one of a kind

No two of our mountain chalets in South Tyrol are the same. Each has its own theme and has been designed and furnished with great attention to detail. The result is a holiday home that is both a private place of power and an adventure spot.

Select materials from the region

Inhale nature’s scent – experience pure vitality. Take in the mountains with all your senses, in the chalet, and all around. Here you will find precious natural materials such as wood, some of which comes from our own forest. The roofs are covered with traditional local shingles. The sun-tanned reclaimed wood and the breathing clay walls radiate a sense of security. Pure nature – without compromise.
Bath Room Jagd Chalet

Comfort at its best

Also inside the mountain chalets in South Tyrol, we proudly display our closeness to nature. The furnishings are authentic and natural, down-to-earth and exclusive. The large panoramic windows bring the exceptional view and tranquillity into the chalet. Whether it’s a romantic sunset or an exciting snowstorm, the open fireplace in the centre provides warmth and cosiness. The high, open spaces provide a feeling of freedom. These days, large open spaces are rare, but here you can still experience them up close.
Luxury chalet in South Tyrol

Our contribution to sustainability

Every day, we experience the beauty of the South Tyrolean mountains and understand just how worthy they are of protection. Sustainability is not a marketing buzzword for us; it’s a belief we hold dear to our hearts and practise every day.

  • High-quality, local, and regional products
  • Mountain spring water from our own spring
  • Chlorine-free indoor and outdoor pools treated with saltwater
  • Photovoltaic system
  • Heat recovery system and woodchip plant with wood from local forests
  • Power and heat generation through the biomass power plant

Romantik Chalet with bath tub
Chalet Mons Silva in Winter